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About My Podcasts

AmeriNZ Podcast

The AmeriNZ Podcast is my personal journal podcast. The first episode was posted 28 March 2007.

I talk about my life, about being an expat, about New Zealand and some of the things I see looking at America from overseas. Politics, history, culture, life in New Zealand and being an expat are the main subject areas I cover. Being gay also figures into all that, of course, but it’s not my main focus.

Guests on the AmeriNZ Podcast have included other podcasters, bloggers, friends and expats of various kinds—a married American couple in Wellington, an American guy who lives with his Kiwi wife and son in Auckland and a gay Kiwi guy who lives overseas with his American partner. A special guest was Kiwi Singer-Songwriter Monique Rhodes (Episode 91), who I found through online social networks.

Many episodes have been inspired by questions or requests from listeners, and I’m always willing to explore the topics that listeners are interested in.

The AmeriNZ Podcast is released periodically, and not on a set schedule.

You can subscribe by clicking the iTunes link below, or directly:

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2Political Podcast

On 2Political Podcast, 2 old friends talk about politics, the news and whatever else we think of. The first official episode was posted on 6 March 2009.

My co-host, Jason, and I have been friends since fourth grade (when we were about nine years old). We've been talking like this for a long time, and now we're sharing those chats over the Internet.

Although the first spisode of 2Political Podcast was posted in March 2009, the podcast actually began as occasional episodes of my AmeriNZ Podcast, starting with AmeriNZ 53 on 13 November 2007.

You can subscribe by clicking the iTunes link below, or directly by using

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Live Podcasts on Pride 48

Pride 48 is a free resource for GLBT or GLBT-friendly content producers. Independent producers can connect to the Pride 48 server and stream live shows. It began during LGBT Pride weekend in 2009.

I did two Live AmeriNZ podcasts in the 2009 marathon. My partner Nigel was my special guest, and we were joined by others over Skype. I later posted recorded versions of those podcasts. The following month, we were back for another live show, AmeriNZ 165 – AmeriNZ LIVE, which was two hours long. We also joined the "After Show" of another podcaster.

I was part of the opening and closing shows for the 2010 marathon, as well as doing an episode of my own podcast, again with my partner, Nigel.

In 2011, we did something completely different: Podcasters gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, to share joint podcasting facilities. While I was unable to attend, I still acted as Host and I coordinated all the podcasts for people who, like me, were unable to be there, wherever they were located in the world. I also again took part in the opening and closing shows. My own show featured the return of Paul, a podcaster who had been "off air" for quite some time, and who later became co-host with me of Arthur and Paul Talk, a podcast we did together in 2012, until scheduling difficulties across some 16 timezones became too difficult.

In 2012, I was again technically a co-host, though I was no longer the "public face" of Pride 48. Nevertheless, I again coordinated the scheduling of podcasts streaming from outside of Las Vegas. Due to high demand for timeslots, I decided not to do a live show of my own so that someone else could have my timeslot and we could fit in everyone who wanted to take part—there were a lot of new participants. I was part of the opening and closing shows again, but otherwise didn't take part in any show. It turned out to be the end of my participation in Pride 48.

Apart from the annual marathons, I also did some live shows of my own. In September, 2009, I began a live group show on most Thursdays USA time (Friday in New Zealand). In March 2010, I began alternating with another podcaster. In April 2010, I ended my scheduled live AmeriNZ Podcasts. I resumed doing live shows from August to November, 2011, before ending them again as the holidays drew near. I don't plan to resume doing live shows.

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